Fame and Success is no Substitute for Love

Fame and Success is no Substitute for Love

We as human beings have always had a need to be loved. “Loved” for some means a “fan club” which generally comes from “fame” and some sort of “admiration”. This may come from achievement in sports or success as an actor or politician. This sort of “love” is often short lived. Some folks who are “fans” of a sports figure may be equally fond of hot dogs. This kind of “love” tends to be disappointing in the long run.

Love has no Substitute

Science on the surface is about gaining knowledge about the universe and all that’s in it. It’s about people trying to look at things with objective eyes and add more knowledge upon the seeming successes of others. Published studies are “peer reviewed” or vetted by qualified people before made public. This is how it is supposed to work. But, like I said before, modern science began with disregard for the Bible and that has been a tradition to this day.

Who wants to stand in the way of their own success? Who doesn’t want their friends to love them? In science this can push you into a religious view that nature and the physical “laws” are over everything. Even religious leaders find themselves interpreting the Bible through the views of science. Science is considered to be the highest standard by many. Approval from the scientific community seems to give you respect but not necessarily the “love” which we really hope for. We all want to be valued and appreciated by others and there will never be a substitute for our Creator’s love and care. Science is mostly a bunch of people committed to keeping us away from that truly fulfilling love and peace that only our Creator can give!

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